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The 2020 Making Work Easy Awards

You are a hero and we want to celebrate you.

Making Work Easy is hard. It’s because of the dedication and commitment of everyday HR, Payroll, Finance, IT and Operations heroes like you that employee engagement rates are rising and the workplace experience is improving for millions of employees across the globe every day.

At WorkForce Software our mission is to Make Work Easy for everyone, but the truth is that, while we provide the tools to do this, we don’t drive that change forward, you do.

You and your peers/teams/colleagues step up every day to make a difference in people lives—sometimes small, sometimes life changing, but always impactful.

We think that’s amazing. You and your community should be celebrated, and we look forward to doing exactly that. We are proud to host the 2020 Making Work Easy awards at VISION 2020 in Austin, TX.

Please see the Official Rules for the complete contest details and information.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for the Making Work Easy Awards, you must:

  • Be awesome
  • Put your team/peers/community first and Make Work Easy for them
  • Be an active user of WorkForce Software solutions (live deployment)
  • Work in a HR/Payroll/Finance/IT/Ops role within your organization
  • Be able to attend Vision 2020 in Austin TX
  • Be able to accept complimentary tickets to VISION 2020 together with complimentary travel to and accommodation in Austin, TX – the VIP treatment!
  • Be willing to join our CEO on stage and a receive a standing ovation from a room full of your peers for just being you, representing your team and doing your thing

Can I Nominate My Team or Another Person?

Absolutely! You can nominate anyone or any group that meets the eligibility criteria outlined above.  However, if you enter as a group of 2 or more you will need to draw straws or play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will get the VIP treatment and joins us on stage in Austin.

How Do I/We Win?

That’s easy, just share your story! Tell us how you/the team are Making Work Easy for your workmates across the organization. Here are some examples of what that could mean:

  • Removing payroll bottlenecks and cutting manual effort for the payroll department
  • Improving the employee experience with payroll and HR
  • Making your managers more productive
  • Ensuring the business has the data it needs to make smart, employee-focused decisions
  • Making sure everyone gets paid correctly, on time, in every cycle no matter what
  • Keeping the company compliant and up to date with all workplace pay rules/scheduling regulations
  • Ensuring that every employee gets access to the leave and planned absence benefits they are entitled to
  • Improving employee engagement in a tangible way at the time/place work happens
  • Simplifying IT operations and keeping mission critical systems up and running
  • Being a great partner to other teams in the organization who use the data help in the WorkForce solution

Who are the Judges?

The winner of the 2020 Making Work Easy awards will be selected ahead of the Vision event. The judging panel is comprised of 3 WorkForce Software team members and 3 customers. The winner from the current year will join the judging panel of the following year’s awards.

If I/We Win What Do We Do?

You block out your diary, pack your bag and get ready to eat some killer BBQ…  y’all are coming to Austin, TX!

If you are shortlisted, our team will be in touch to confirm your eligibility and find out more about your Making Work Easy story.

If you are selected as our winner, you will be notified in January 2020 – that means you will have 4 long months of keeping the good news to yourself before we hit the main stage in Austin. You can keep a secret, right?

We will then arrange a time to visit you on site and record a video that captures your story. The video may include you, your peers, your team and anyone else across the organization that is part of your story. We will need your help to organize this.

The video will be shown as part of the award ceremony at Vision and we will publicize it on social media and on our website.

OK, I’m In. How Do I/We Enter?

Simple, fill out the submission form below. You can nominate yourself, a colleague or your team.

Provide as much information as you can; give us facts and figures, photos, videos, word docs etc., if you have them.

Most of all, tell us about the people you impact. Tell us about a typical day before and after you Made Work Easy. Tell us about the project or organizational change and how it benefited people across your organization.

Submit your Success Story

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To make the 2020 Making Work Easy Awards nomination process easier, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions.

If I win, what will I receive?2019-10-18T12:14:03-04:00

The winning organization will be globally recognized for customer innovation, which includes:

Press coverage

Winners will receive recognition at VISION2020 in front of industry leaders, peers and analysts. A press release and social media posts announcing the winners will be promoted.

VISION 2020 VIP treatment

In addition to this, the winning customer will receive:

  • One fully paid trip to VISION 2020—including a round-trip flight to VISION 2020, event access and a two-night hotel stay
  • Customer Success Story video to be filmed at your facility and played at VISION 2020 on the main stage
  • Primary consideration as a VISION 2020 speaker
  • Impactful recognition and networking opportunity with peers, analysts and WorkForce Software executives
  • Networking with global customer experience leaders who are recognized innovators
  • Reserved seating for General Session main stage presentations
  • On-stage award presentation including customer success story
  • Access to a special dinner with WorkForce Software Executives
  • 25,000 CAB points

Please note: If you have already signed up for VISION and are chosen as our winner, we will reimburse your registration costs.

How do customers qualify?2019-10-18T12:17:28-04:00

Eligibility requirements can be found here.

How can I get nominated?2019-09-04T14:54:43-04:00

WorkForce Software customers can be self-nominated; they also can be nominated by a peer, a colleague, a partner or any WorkForce Software employee.

What’s the deadline for submitting my nomination?2019-09-04T14:55:00-04:00

The nomination period will close on December 31, 2019.

What are the criteria for winning?2019-10-18T12:18:47-04:00

The judges will base their decisions on the judging criteria found here.

Who determines if I won?2019-10-18T12:20:32-04:00

A panel composed of WorkForce Executives & employees, industry analysts and WorkForce Software customers. See more info here.

I have a question that isn’t in the FAQ. Who can I contact?2019-09-04T14:55:33-04:00

If your question is not included here, please email