VISION Breakout Sessions

With two days of engaging VISION General Tracks, you can build your own agenda and choose the topics you want to learn about. Hear customers and partners share their experiences surrounding implementation best practices, see our solutions in action for all new functionalities, hear about our detailed product roadmap and exciting innovations for 2019, and much more.

Products & Services
Thought Leadership
Customer Success
Partner Session

Products & Services

WorkForce Suite Product Vision & Roadmap

Presenter: Joe Ross

Get a look at where WorkForce Software is planning to take the WorkForce Suite in the future. Get a view of the portfolio vision, key market problems that are the focus of our innovation strategy and a high-level roadmap for near, medium and longer term product enhancements.

NextGen Scheduling

Presenter: Michael Doherty

Get a closer look at what we are developing today in our platform. Understand the future possibilities for scheduling and forecasting by using modern technologies and how they can make your work even easier. This will also be your chance to meet directly with Product Management to gain insight into our product vision with exclusive first views of some exciting prototypes and concepts. See how we are applying innovative technology to drive more accurate forecasts, improve forecasting speed, and stimulate perpetually improving, smart schedules.

Data Access Solutions: Your Data Where You Need It, When You Need It

Presenter: Jon Olson

WorkForce is taking reporting and analytics to the next level with a robust set of data access capabilities. Come learn about the ways in which WorkForce is making data correlation and connection across your ecosystem easy with our new Data Access Solutions. We’ll also be diving into the roadmap for our reporting and analytics products to offer the vision on how analytics can improve your outcomes.

Leave & Absence Around the Globe

Presenters: Dave Barker & Dan Hadley

Over the past year, WorkForce has made significant enhancements within our leave and absence capabilities specifically aimed at our global customers. This session will be of interest to anyone who wishes to understand the scope of the new capabilities and, for those not familiar with how leave practices vary around the world, will provide some informative background. Illustrated with examples from across the globe, we will demonstrate how to improve the productivity of both managers and employees, and assist with compliance of local business practices and regulations.

The Future of WorkForce Software Integrations

Presenter: Andrew Green

WorkForce Software is excited to launch our Integration Platform which will dramatically improve the means in which our customers and partners integrate the WorkForce Suite with other enterprise and third-party applications. Attend this session to hear about how our new and innovative approach will allow for an open exchange of data to improve your business all while introducing new, customizable opportunities for additional value.

Crew Management for Your Field Workforce

Presenters: Jon Olson & Jen Blaharski

Join us to hear how our Crew Management solution has evolved since its launch at last year’s Vision. See a live demo, get a view of the crew roadmap and hear about interesting use cases across several industries where our Crew Solution has improved productivity of a field workers. See how you can leverage our innovative crew offering to manage your field workforce.

What’s new with WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling (WF&S)

Presenter: Dan Grewal

See a full rundown of the latest WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling features. Our experts will present WF&S features including improved compliance for publishing schedule and time off moderation, monthly scheduling and period hours calculations, new UI and UX improvements both to the web and mobile services and better management of calendars for forecasting.

What’s new with WorkForce Time and Attendance (WT&A)

Presenter: Dan Hadley

See a full rundown of the latest WorkForce Time and Attendance and Advanced Scheduler features. Our experts will demonstrate exciting new features such as various user experience updates, improvements to crew time functionality, time off improvements, schedule change history for fair and predictive scheduling laws, proactive notifications, biometric identification mode, in line advanced scheduling edits, time off request tile for SuccessFactors customers, and more.

What’s new with WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT)

Presenter: Dan Hadley

See a full rundown of the latest WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker features. Our experts will demonstrate exciting new features such as the new client defined questionnaires and reasons, multi-language support, sending multiple documents in one email, compliance rules updates, and more.

WorkForce Software Labs

WorkForce Software Labs Product Tour

This is an interactive session with our innovation team to touch, feel and explore meaningful applications of Nextgen Technology including a deeper dive into our exciting launch announcements which will be revealed at VISION 2019.

Thought Leadership

Mindset: The 20 for 20 Challenge

Presenter: Neil Pasricha

Neil Pasricha, our VISION 2019 Keynote speaker and author of five #1 International Best Sellers including the Happiness Equation will go beyond the general sessions stage and host a workshop to teach us how to take “The 20 for 20 Challenge” to integrate a new happiness habit in our everyday lives.

Employment Law Innovations: Key Changes Confronting Employers in North America in 2019

Presenter: Paul Kramer

Keeping up with the latest legislative changes affecting employees can seem like an overwhelming challenge for employers. Failing to stay current with new and amended employment laws can negatively impact employee morale, tarnish the employer’s brand, and result in substantial liability. With these obstacles in mind, WorkForce Software’s Director of Compliance will explain and steer you through recent and upcoming legal changes and describe best practices you can follow to remain compliant. Remember, compliance is a necessary step to true innovation.

Compliance for your Global Workforce

Presenter: Dave Barker

For historical and cultural reasons, the issues around compliance vary significantly around the world. In Europe, the principles of social justice enshrined in the 1957 Treaty of Rome have resulted in regulations that limit working time, guarantee periods of rest, enforce minimum paid time off. In Japan, the focus of regulation is combating Karōshi- death from work—by attempting to limit the number of hours that employees work. This presentation, illustrated with global examples from Europe, Asia, and South America, will examine such differences and provide insights for the global HR and IT professionals who are responsible for implementing and supporting worldwide workforce management solutions.

5 Ways to Improve the ROI of Your WFM Project Using Data You Already Have

Presenter: Kathy Gawronksi

Use the data you already have to discover how you can improve your return on investment of your next WFM project. We will show you how easy you can access the data in our solutions for analytics that will add value to your organization’s bottom line.

Communicating Desired System Behavior Through Well-Defined Requirements

Presenter: Molly Gapp

If you’ve been using WFS for years or just starting out on your journey, learn what the definition of “Good” is for requirements definition. As human beings, we all communicate differently and it can be challenging to convey exactly what is needed between 2 people much less a larger team. Join us to help refine your requirements definition process and educate your team on how to successfully communicate the system functionality they are looking for.

Industry Roundtables

Our WorkForce Software community will have the opportunity to meet and network during one of VISION’s most popular sessions, Industry Roundtables.

Make new connections in your industry, discuss current events, and share best practices that can help you:

  • Increase efficiency by streamlining organizational processes
  • Cultivate happy, engaged employees with greater opportunity for self-service and predictive scheduling
  • Ensure compliance to avoid financial risk and liability
  • Improve the customer experience with a more productive workforce
  • Stay innovative and agile within your industry

Customer Success

Customer Success Story – Ornge

How We Successfully Replaced Our Dated System(s) With WFS Time & Attendance and Advanced Scheduler

See how Ornge went from multiple crew scheduling systems, excel spreadsheets, manual time sheets and the honor system for attendance to WorkForce Time and Attendance and Advanced Scheduler and how these systems help them run Ontario’s trusted air ambulance fleet.

Customer Success Story – Boehringer Ingelheim

The Forgotten T’s – Testing and Training

Most companies don’t plan enough time and effort toward testing, potentially leading to unfound issues that could have been resolved before implementation. For the Testing “T”, attendees will learn how to write well designed test scripts from Business Requirement Documents, coordinate test script writing sessions, manage defects, and how to keep the test team motivated. Training is also an integral part of a smooth implementation when done correctly and at the right time. In the Training “T”, attendees will learn what to include in training materials, the timing of training needs to be carefully coordinated with the planned go-live date, and how face-to-face training is much more effective and can be customized to meet employee needs.

Customer Success Story – Hornbeck Offshore Operators, LLC

How We leveraged Policy Editor to Develop International Payroll Rules

Learn about Hornbeck’s need to develop a single payroll solution for all employees in North America, Mexico and Brazil and how WorkForce helped minimize their costs by walking you through the necessary knowledge within Policy Editor to have a customer maximize the utility without significant costs of implementation with at partner.

Partner Sessions

L.A. Care Health Plan and HRchitect: An Implementation Success Story

Join Kymeshia Taylor of L.A. Care Health Plan and HRchitect for an in-depth look at how innovation was leveraged at every possible turn to achieve extraordinary business results during a WorkForce Software implementation for L.A. Care Health Plan and its 2700 employees. You’ll hear how the L.A. Care Health Plan and HRchitect teams collaborated for a successful go-live and transition to support. Along with sharing their success story, the teams will share actionable insights that you can bring back to your organization to prepare for the implementation of your next WorkForce Software module, keep the project on track from a timeline and budget perspective, understand what the biggest challenges are for go-live and post-go live support, and strategies to overcome those challenges.

GroupeX Solutions: Maximizing Your WorkForce Software Investment Beyond Post Production

You’ve just deployed your WorkForce Time and Attendance solution across the organization. Users are reporting positive feedback and managers are relieved of mundane and manual processes. If only running enterprise software was that easy. Because, you’ve likely realized that business software is like any living entity, it’s dynamic where change is the only constant. So, please join us and Jason Clauss of Northeastern University to discover how they effectively adapted to these changes and truly maximized their WorkForce Software investment beyond post production. If you’re interested in learning how a real life WFS user accelerated their ROI and kept their system current in a changing environment, then you can’t miss this presentation.

Accenture: Congratulations You’re Live; Now What?

Whether you are preparing for cutover, recently ran your first payroll, or have been live for months, understanding your options and the best practices for production support are critical to the success of WorkForce Software at your company.

IN-RGY: Using Workforce’s Full Potential to Make Work Easier and More Intelligent!

Introducing the Smartphone application that maximizes your effectiveness and visibility using intelligent features and virtual assistance! Having years of experience with over 150 major customers in different industries, we believe that every company has different needs and your solution must be adapted to your reality and your needs.

Southwest Gas & Workforce Insight: Innovative Change Management & Implementation Success

Join Southwest Gas and Workforce Insight as they share leading change management, implementation and optimization strategies that continue to drive exceptional mobile adoption and value from WFS Time & Attendance, ACT, Advanced Scheduler and Fatigue Management. Learn how operational stakeholders and change champions from across the organization were engaged to achieve the “Easy, Accurate & Mobile” transformation of 30-year-old systems and processes. Attendees who are just beginning the implementation journey or those seeking more advanced use cases will benefit from exploring what’s possible when the right leaders, stakeholders and strategies are deployed to unlock the full power and value of WorkForce Software.