Keynote & General Sessions

Vision 2017 Keynote

Mike Morini

Making Work Easy Around the World

Mike Morini, CEO, WorkForce Software

Mike Morini’s approach to driving company growth is centered on employees, customers, and the broader community of partners and analysts. Mike is a 30-year software veteran experienced in growing and scaling enterprise software companies. With an extensive background building out global cloud-based platforms, he has helped shape and guide multiple fast-growth companies in the cloud arena. Before joining WorkForce Software, Mike was previously in CEO and COO positions at SAP, Aria Systems, OutlookSoft, InterWorld, and Verbind. Mike holds a BA from Colgate University.

Guest Keynote

Erik Wahl

Erik C. Wahl is an American graffiti artist, speed-painter, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur based in San Diego. He owns The Wahl Group, a consultancy firm, and has spoken at conventions by Microsoft, Disney, NBC and Honda. Wahl makes paintings of thinkers, leaders and cultural icons such as Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, and Bono during his presentations.

In 2011, Wahl created a 10,000 square-foot Mona Lisa in a desert near Los Angeles. The following year, he was selected by TED as a speaker for the TED2012: Full Spectrum series. Wahl wrote the book Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius in 2013. Unthink was named CEO Reads book of the year in 2013. In 2014, Wahl was a featured speaker at the World Entrepreneur Of The Year event hosted by Ernst & Young, as well as Entrepreneur’s 2014 Growth Conference.

Customer Success Panel

David Vonk

The Proof is in Our Customers

Dave Vonk, Customer Success Executive, WorkForce Software

David Vonk is the customer success evangelist, responsible for the end-to-end customer experience. Dave has a diverse background in software sales, services and customer success management, and he spent several years in financial and technology operations in the banking industry. Dave has been instrumental in various leadership roles, helping companies align their customer acquisition, implementation and support models for accelerated growth and optimal performance. Prior to joining WorkForce Software, he held leadership roles at FICO, SAP, Aria Systems and PivotLink. Dave earned a BS in Finance from Miami University.